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60 minutes, three looks, one key item. Watch Canadian supermodel and style maverick @winnieharlow shop in New York’s Soho before hitting the runway.

For Mental Health Awareness Month, makeup artist and illustrator Athena Paginton shares her story. See behind the scenes of the shoot she cast for @vogue.Photographer: @thomas.cookseyHair: @thomas.r.silvermanModels in order of appearance:Vanessa Powell @vanessajpowellHelene Selam @helene.selam.prosperiteeMalik Nashad Sharpe @marikiscrycrycryKhariis Subiaro @khariisubiaroYseult Onguenet @yseult___Support is available so do reach out to a local charity. Athena recommends contacting @samaritanscharity free from any UK phone on 116 123.

6 of 6While not originally from Milan, Carolina (@carolina_amoretti) has called Italy home for the past 12 years. \"Milan has great potential and I have always tried to make my little contribution to the city.⠀“Fantabody was born with a single product – a bodysuit – inspired precisely by the female body,” she says. “The project wants to address modern and dynamic women.”⠀Through her work, Carolina is committed to expressing inclusivity and acceptance. “[I aim to] show real beauty and avoid eliminating those details of a person that many believe to be flaws. I include everyone and highlight their individuality.”⠀See more of @carolina_amoretti’s story on @vogue.

5 of 6Follow Italian creative @carolina_amoretti’s story this week on @vogue for #mfw.⠀“I found my identity by studying art and feeling part of a world in which I felt accepted. All the friendships I have made with the girls I have shot stay with me. I look for a human involvement with my muses, and when I see they are happy and they thank me, it moves me a lot.”

4 of 6Follow Italian creative @carolina_amoretti’s story this week on @vogue for #mfw.⠀“There is no real element of inspiration but life itself, the people I meet on my journey and all that the underground subculture taught me. Traveling and living intense experiences has always been a great inspiration for me. Seeing so many colleagues creating beautiful works is stimulating and gives me the energy to always create something new and better.”

3 of 6Follow Italian creative @carolina_amoretti’s story this week on @vogue for #mfw.⠀“I have always worked in a fashion environment, but with a different eye than a designer. The fact that I work with images does not make me a designer. It is precisely for this reason that I manage to get out of certain constraints that a real designer must follow and this makes me more free.”

2 of 6Follow Italian creative @carolina_amoretti’s story this week on @vogue for #mfw.⠀“One of the most important aspects of my practice is the search for new faces. I often street cast, and my intention is to break down the beauty canons imposed by the media and to immortalize beauty from a new point of view.”

1 of 6Carolina Amoretti (@carolina_amoretti) has always been a restless creative. “As a child, I was a small savage – it was clear that I found enthusiasm in creating things.”⠀Carolina studied classical ballet and gymnastics and this practice heavily influenced her creative process. “In this environment, elements of the body, both as a garment and the body itself, are of fundamental importance.”⠀Passion for nature and the sealed the photographer to launch Fantabody, an athleisure brand “dedicated to all women,” four years ago. “I have accumulated experience and brought together my passion for dance, the sea, sport, fashion, streetwear and above all the female world and their ‘fantastic body’.”⠀Follow @carolina_amoretti’s story this week on @vogue for #mfw.

6 of 6Ayesha Marr (@ayeshamarr) puts self-love at the core of her life philosophy. “To me, beauty is what makes you happy and the ability to be who you are, without question, without doubt,” says the London-based model and producer. “There are days I wear makeup and days that I don’t, and I enjoy both. It’s the beauty of free will and having choice.”⠀Today, Ayesha considers all facets of her work as a way to make her voice heard. “There is change within the fashion industry, but there’s still so much room to improve and grow,” she explains. “There’s still a lot of fast fashion, but there’s also a lot of beautiful work by designers who are both innovative and sustainable.”⠀Always keen to help others, Ayesha says she wants to focus on giving back to the community. “Mainly volunteering with charities and people at risk,” she says. “I’m so excited to work on more projects and put myself out there – watch this space!”⠀See more of model @ayeshamarr’s story on @vogue.

5 of 6Follow London-based model @ayeshamarr’s story this week.⠀“I want to see a broad spectrum of people within fashion, see my everyday life reflected back in the marketing and advertising, see more people who look like me or look like my parents. All shapes, sizes, cultural identities, beliefs that reflect the world we live in, which is diverse! Diversity to me is the outside and the inside of people.⠀“As a model, I try to work with clients and take jobs where diversity is important, the models, clients and the team are all diverse. It’s beautiful to see.”⠀Photographer: Lou Jasmine.

4 of 6Follow London-based model @ayeshamarr’s story this week.⠀“As a mixed-raced female, I believe in being in spaces where traditionally or historically I may not have belonged.⠀“Working hard is at the core of everything I do and my voice plays a part, but I do believe actions speak volumes too. I want my voice heard regardless of what I do for a living. If I have an opinion on something that needs to be addressed, I will express it.”

3 of 6Follow London-based model @ayeshamarr’s story this week.⠀“The power of social media is fascinating. It’s an amazing tool to raise awareness, and to inspire learning and education on some level. But as a forum, I think Instagram is a limiting platform to express your views and discuss identity, because it is primarily visual.⠀“That’s why I’m grateful for panel discussions and audio platforms to discuss issues like colorism and treatment of people of color in the industry. I also want to talk about the freelancer life, the stress, potential hardships and issues we all face.”