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주말에만 비, 태풍 지나가라..배기음 너무 커서 순정배기로 다시 원복!다음은 랩핑 벗기기!.. bmwm4 drivinginrain

It’s that kinda day here.

Keşke her gün/gece yağmurlu olsaydı.. nightlover drivinginrain night (Footage from YouTube)

What’s worse than being blind is having vision but no sight.. Caption credit:: @amil_dk __ ridersofthestorm rain drivinginrain blindedbyrain pouring cats

Thunderstorm in Winnipeg this morning but wanted to pick up fresh produce at @stleongardens Was soaked getting from the car to inside the canopy. I was not the

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عشق کی چنگاریوں کو پھر ہوا دینے لگی - islamabad pakistan rain heavyrain summers longdrive drivinginrain

If people were rain, then I was a Drizzle and she was a HURRICANE. driving black redandblack blackcar rain rainy thunderstorm rainfall drivingatnight d

Say hello to safer driving this autumn and winter and say hello to no wipers with Duxback; the aerospace-grade, TUV-approved, long-lasting hydrophobic water-rep

Plenty of ass wipes out there, they only think it’s about them. Their thought is, “I don’t need my lights on, I can see fine.” I see them everywhere! d

I wish you would tell me,why is it that you hidewhen you should be dancing?Why you fall and cry for someone who doesn't love you?Why when it starts to rainyou r

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A proven 35% improvement in visibility, a proven 25% improvement in reaction time and a proven 58% reduction in reaction distance. It all adds up to one thing,

Driving in Rain at Tirthan valley, Himachal Pradesh drivinginrain tirthan tirthanvalley himachalpradesh himalyas himalayan videooftheday mountains rain

We had lost 4 hours due to accident and bike puncture but we were determined to reach Hunza in the same day so we had to travel in the night and that too while

Song of rain and fire! rains drivinginrain pune weather