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I shot the last 2 slugs cuz I shot 5 prior to this vid and damn my shoulder is throbbin’ . vepr12 america 2ndamendment guncontrol 2a 3percent murica

️Going through photos from last @shotshow ....... Man I can’t wait until another night like this happens again @milspec_mojo ______________________________

Day 1 of USPSA PCC/OPEN Nationals is over! Had an ok day but have to make up a lot of ground the next 2 days. It can be done but all in all good fun! Stay tuned

Up one. Down one. ord pewpew pushups ironasylum ordgear getyours ordsolutions @ord_solutions @br_o_akley

$22 per spot. Only 15 spots total.Win this Surefire scout light with Haley Srategic mount!!Delivered to you!You got to be in it to win itHave this shipped out t

Fresh start new colors same a game pewpew magfedpaintball paintball newstart tipx

rpk thanks to @davidmopar for bringing this fun toy out. america 2ndamendment guncontrol 2a 3percent murica moregunslesscrime shallnotbeinfringed igmi

タナカ モデルガン 九九式短小銃 Arisaka Type99 arisaka arisakatype99 japaneserifle 第二次世界大戦 gun guns gunporn gunporn boltacti

Is Sunday the start or end of a week? Either way this was a good day with @gcstraininggroup and @diy_rine. Failure is part of learning so don’t be afraid of i

Really appreciate the support from everyone in our great community! Thanks @urbex_gta *CLICK the LINK in our BIO to enter!!- canadaguns canadasportshooting pe

Sunday Gunday! That’s again to @dirty_fxdls and @jenniferperez_183 had a little fun at the range in Uvalde Hitting the gong at 300 yards was so fun. Tx. gun

Got my swag from Dead Air. I own 2 of their cans now, so they sent me a little kit of goodies. It’s the little things... deadairnomad deadairmask deadairasy

Partida en la selva! \"Ofensiva del Tet\" con mi binonio @martha.nut en @sentinelchillan sentinelchillan airsofterphoto airsoftguns airsofting airsoftlove

OldSkool feels @neonretroarcade in Pasadena had a blast here whilst @nadlovesdaz went shopping pewpew