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17/07 - 18/07/19 | Short vlog of me hopping over to Penang for pre-congress OGSM.

《咖啡語錄》|咖啡似人生,有苦有甜。... 180719 | The 2̶6̶h̶r̶s̶ 24.5 hrs escape to Penang.. I'm grateful that there's a cafe nearby that

Moving with purpose! No more hey stranger texts just catch me at one of these eventsSo full context @stellaandbobbie and @bloomandsip are my businessbabies. It

Repost @hollywoodunlocked・・・ HUPoll Socialites, do you agree that JordynWoods has been killing the game? @jordynwoods you KEEP stuntin on these bitches

.„N E a hóban, C S I L L A G O K B A N,N E ünnepi foszlós K A L Á C S O N,N E díszített fákon,H A N E M a S Z Í V E K B E N legyenK A R Á C S O

.A G R E A TF I R S T TIME,ONE M I L L I O NTIMES. wegotyourblack heavenisaplaceonearth theblacklab TBL theblacklabespresso @annaszrz ikozosseg Budapest

Lehet a D E S S Z E R T is az E L S Ő fogás! Sós-karamellás és mogyorós csokoládé tart wegotyourblack heavenisaplaceonearth theblacklab TBL thebla

“Don't wait for perfection. Good enough is good enough. There is time for refinement later. It’s not how great you start – it’s how great you end up.”

“A cél nem más, mint egy határidős álom”– Napoleon HillNektek mi az álmotok? írjátok meg kommentben wegotyourblack heavenisaplaceonearth theblac

You know what this temperature means - its T I M E to G E T a H O T C H O C O L A T Eor C O F F E E wegotyourblack heavenisaplaceonearth theblacklab

The B E S T choice on a rainy day is a H O T cup of tea from @teavolution wegotyourblack heavenisaplaceonearth theblacklab TBL theblacklabespresso@nonill

\"First day in Penang , and my aim to got a nice cup of coffee fulfilled in this coffee shop, a branch of @arangcoffee , that's what the staff explained to me,

Kezdd a reggelt nálunk! Oszd meg velünk kedvenc reggelidet! ️ @nonillaa blacklabespresso wegotyourblack TBL coffee coffeetime barista bagel latte

Kedves Vendégeink! A hosszú hétvégére zárva tartunk. Mindenkinek jó pihenést kívánunk! Szerdától azonban újra várunk Titeket sok szeretettel! ️

If you’ve got a dairy sensitivity, but you’re still craving for a good latte.DON’T worrybe ALTERand choose one of our alternativ milk. ️coconut ️almon

H A N D B R E W coffee is always a good idea. ️ Have you met our F I L T E R coffee maker? M E E T G I N A ! ... theblacklabespresso TBL wegotyourblack B