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vota vita mea. and cats. fp and stationery stuffs @theinksidentalist moar cat antics @princess.sophie.the.cat

Don’t mind me, I’m just chillaxing here #mochithejestercat

Avoided the haze and spent the day indoors with these lovely ladies #guopei #ACMxGuoPei #asiancivilisationsmuseum

Um, yes, I was brave enough to venture upstairs and found a new perch πŸ„πŸˆ

I dare you to laugh at me #ashythedivacat

Erm, that basket is meant for the potatoes #mochithejestercat

What? #princesssophiethecat

Life is good πŸ–€ #mochithejestercat

Added these to my #beautyarsenal ~ Verdict: After one week of using @biologique_recherche I can say that it is working for me 😊 Oily but dehydrated skin (how can that be a thing?) is more matte but not dried or fried, parched surface is rehydrated, reactive areas are subsiding and calmer (though ceasing use of hair conditioner with hidden silicones helped) I like how you can play chemist to suit your daily needs. Much ❀️ for BR

Current view πŸ₯‚

New products to rebalance my overactive skin (Thank you @murbsmu for the rec 😘)

Ssshhh. Princess is sleeping #toebeans


Never get tired of SF πŸš‹

Sunrise over the Pacific


Sing for me! (Glad I’m not under that chandelier) #phantomoftheopera

Me and my girls β€οΈπŸ’œπŸ§‘

Wheels πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅