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Friends, I have news. For now, these are my last days at Instagram. When I arrived as one of the first 100 employees, I wrote a note to my future self: “We are standing on the edge of the earth looking outward, and we have no footprints to follow." There was no way of knowing then, what an extraordinary story we would write together in the 5.5 years since. I’m honored to have been able to help build this world for the time I did. I owe so much of who I am today to the people I met here, who leaned on me as much as I leaned on them in this journey. What a gift, to already know that we’ve become lifelong friends. I won’t be far: I’ve accepted the inaugural fellowship with Stanford’s new Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence @stanfordhai & @jskstanford. I’ve been lucky to live in the intersection of design, culture and tech but there’s so much I have yet to learn. It’s a ten-month sabbatical to pursue my curiosity, deepen my knowledge and apply what I’ve learned to help fill in some of the blank spots on the map. Don’t be a stranger! And see you soon on this next adventure.

We built a stage for all who came to be seen @afropunk. Keep going. #shareblackstories ☁️ Swipe 👉👉👉 for a cameo by the IG & @wearecrownandconquer dream team that brought this royal hall to life.

Got to design something for @Afropunk with an all-star team this year. Sneak peek from the final install by @wearecrownandconquer x Instagram #ShareBlackStories 👑 ☀️☁️☁️☁️

✨🙏🙏🙏✨ for all the birthday wishes! Feeling loved and supported this weekend. These milestones are becoming so introspective and quiet for me, like a pause button you gift yourself for a day. Yep, getting older ☑️.

I watched a gruff Mongolian guy do his hair.

Heart rocks from the Tuul River, the site of many stories about Genghis Khan’s early conquests. We made the big one a ger door stopper back at camp.

The sauna ger gets a new cover. The kind of everyday chores you don’t think about until you enter the world of yurt maintenance.

Back in the saddle now at home. I learned how to ride! And horse metaphors make so much more sense now. #tbt not so long ago 📷: @puujee.sodnom

One-day-old yak x @louisvuitton. The high bar has been set for this little one.

“Today we pick up the yaks,” Puujee said at breakfast. It was not as simple as it sounds.

Day 16. (🔊🔛) 🗣🐎🎥: @puujee.sodnom + 🐴

Portrait of Blue-Eye and Puujee, my teacher and the founder of Dream Adventure: the traditional eco-camp startup he runs with his partner Nami in Terelj National Park. “He’s a gentleman,” says Nami (about Blue-Eye) 😄.