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3🔮🖤 ○ I know nothing. I am merely a vessel. Part time prat. Power to the people etc ● For all enquiries -

At the "Hysterical" Exhibition , Phillips Gallery. @garycard done created an entire world and my inner child was gassed. It's inspiring to see a universe manifest from one's mind and come into the physical world, it's dope man

I want purple skies and nights where thoughts cease to exist

Not everything needs a reason; sometimes just because...

Love is Luck, Couple stills from the latest project

Our days music video finally out!!! Had to pull the emotions out of the bag for this one! Link in bio - let me know your thoughts below! For @jnrwilliams Directed by @iggyldn Styling by @mari.anthi_ Make up by @wiktoria.deero Starring moi and @chelleot @pyro_xix

Hunger out now! Its been a pleasure being a part of this music video series for @jnrwilliams directed by @iggyldn - may be more soon 👀 ! And on the topic of hunger - i want you all to be hungry for your dreams - may your passions be undying and never waver!

Khariis Ubiaro - photographed 1998 / Crash landed on this bummy planet - I'ma help where i can #lovealways

Oooo la la @loewe

Realms that manifest pigments from extra terrestrial entities, dissected fractions and segments from another plane; influencing the way we live - I never went uni but here's to class of the indigos, maverick and unorthodox.

I want you to be consumed by your desire for whatever it is you want to do or want from life! I want you to be hyperfocused and rooted in the goals that you would like to achieve! I want you to be yourself, unapologetically. I want you to stop worrying about the future and the past,  for those places are only memories or projections. Right now you have power. You have the power to change your world idgaf about your doubts. You have the power to make shit happen. I want you to have an undying spirit,  and let your passion and hard work guide you! You've all got this. Also love to @helene.selam.prosperitee For featuring moi et my poetry in the him + his project, let's all help support eachother in these times that can often be difficult, let us not make enemies of eachother. Let's claim our powers

Life is not easy, nor is it meant to be , but smile regardless because it's contagious, plus it feels good to smile!!! #smile

Reality does not only exist in the physical..

《SOCIAL NEEDIER》 This series focuses on a youth, heavily engrossed in social media. I've definitely been in that category at different points in time Despite my sharing of the series on social media platforms I'd like to urge those of you who are constant consumers; to take it in doses The world is a very real and beautiful place! Not every moment has to be captured. We do not need to know what you are eating all the time. Your moments of intimacy should be cherished. I urge you to be present and have more of a presence in reality Do not measure your success by likes and followers, let go of your need for approval. How much time are you spending on these platforms and how does it affect your well-being This is not a lecture, but a concern Social media is a gift. It expands our reach, opens doors and can often be a great source of inspiration depending on what you follow. Just be mindful of how much time you are spending on these platforms and be mindful of your intentions to post We have the opportunity to connect and speak with the entire world. Let's stop taking this for granted and use it to become more, rather than less! Shot by: @franzgalo Styled by: @miss_nazire Art by: @catalinababs Featuring : Moi et @_justyana @alexvesters

Design and illustration by @athenapaginton for @higgsproject This was one of the coldest days of my life; I was freezing ❄ #outtakes

@iamyolaofficial New video out! - Love all night (Work all day) I play a bartender who finesses a nurse (@pre.elayocu ) Directed by @teefdan Love to everyone involved, the track bangs too 🔥 especially in the mornings #acting #musicvideo

#iamnotmystereotype #56blackmen

I've never liked Custard.

Khariis Ubiaro x Franz Galo 《DUALITY》 This was more than just a concept for our shoot. This was a diagnosis. Franz and I wanted to create a series that would expose and illuminate aspects of my core. I've always had a strong sense that existence is two fold and that there is more to what meets the eye. We exist in more than the physical realm, we exist in the realm that governs it as well. Thoughts. Insight. Manifestation. These powers do not have life in the physical world but rather come to it, through action. This is one example of duality. However the main form that plagues my spirit, is life and death. Losing three of the most influential people in my life has given me this bizarre fascination of what lies beyond. I feel very much alive and present, but there is a deep longing that has led my emotions and thinking to surpass the living. Not in the sense that I am greater than anyone alive, but in a way that I still love what was once here, still seek guidance from, and speak to the sleep. A part of me will always be very much attached to death. Although the circumstances were tragic, the energy and emotion is more than empowering. I am at once; one, and two. Photographer: @franzgalo Make-up and Styling @miss_nazire #duality