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ناشد مالك choreographer they marik is cry3

Smash the react!!

You best appreciate the labour Caribbean baddies do for this society--including stepping and stomping on your necks for pleasure and glee!

BEHIND THE MASC 'There is no singular idea of what masculinity is anymore' Check out the full video made by @bunnykinney featuring bodies and words of dancers thinking about/moving around the future of masculinity at @dazedbeauty Cinematography by @igorsmitka Many thanks to @nellie.eden @jesswithjuice @saorlahouston And all the great talents in it @illyrxxii @magnuswestwell @lookingfortettey @edmunro @artpornblog @moroccobrittt @evestainton

new new new new new new new new new new new new new new new new depression sex Did you ever have depression sex before? Let us know when you come to the HIGH BED LOWER CASTLE in 2021 The future femme is here I'm going to hell 👹♥️ Thanks @impulstanz_festival Series featuring beauty head @internetparticipation and SEER @danamavismichel

All titties are REAL and we just got our first five star review for OUT in Edinburgh. Might delete lol

Repeat after me White supremacy is not a hoax Abolish ICE

T-48 days until I cop the Kawasaki...who wanna go on a ride with ur girl/boy !!!

in vienna tomorrow and bringing this soft light anti hate slogan depression antidote dance there for the first time. 100 deep plies and a LONG moment of drowning in real time, don't give up, dancing as fighting for life. feeling committal but scared at the same time. come to the VIENNA PLAYHOUSE and send friends we wanna hang out and eat ice cream IG keeps deleting so maybe this disappears LOV U @internetparticipation dramaturgy by @danamavismichel outside eye by @asimonportigal technical sound support by @christopherwilles light design by @paulchambers song 'pillen' by @diamantbae @live_from_earth ty @dldansemontreal and conseil des arts du canada 📸 @iandouglasphoto

OUT by @rachaelraymck is a work that I'm in that is defiantly challenging homophobia and transphobic in our cultures. It pops, swear. Showing in @edfringe at @summerhallery from the 13--25 August. Don't miss us. Amazing team on the shoot, too @miamaxwelll on styling @umberghauri on makeup @mh_photos_london behind camera Supported by @eclipsetcl

im about to ask four ppl i really respect into my new work 'he's dead' and have been feeling various levels of confidence in what a group work by me would look like. my first one with this project! basically after getting that developing your creative process grant by ACE over a year ago, to my work BALLET which i made on the students at The Place, ive been going at it, going hard as shit, sometimes at myself but the material is telling me don't worry, get tatted on that back, keep doing that real shit. 3 files from my residency at theatre in the mill/university of bradford. crash bandicoot with that bazooka! wish me luck please

SOUND ON/cooking on high these days remembering when the snow melted thru the palm of my hands and i stayed/working on that new shit with @dylanspencerdavidson track comin soon to theatres near u

this is what your man sees after i rock his jaw for being misogynistic and transphobic lol in all seriousness i am training to be the most notable queer femmy MMA fighter. happy non binary day!

wow the way they are killing it!! come see my new work 'BALLET' made on the graduating BA3 students at @theplacelondon 9-12 July. Link in bio//hit me up for the tix connect sound by @ladydangfua sample by yung hurn costumes by @franny_mo @orla__m @bluemakwana @natifahnzinga @rcjulia @megmegcole @knobbs2 @oliviaholston @sebastienka @yanecorfa @silvia.cherneva

happy pride except instead of pride we have something called misery for those amongst us who cannot deal with the viscous juxtaposition of seeing rainbows and trans flags superimposed on fucking everything (see home office twitter page or whatever just look at your rainbow hamburger) and the sad reality that i, and so many people i know feel existential dread during these days because the stares, the fucked up comments, the teeth kissing, the catcalling, the actual and literal violence is all becoming way too loud and i am beginning to lose the music in my steps. all my straight 'friends' and basically everyone are all fucking simultaneously gay and homophobic at the same time, straight people continue to get rewarded for doing absolutely nothing but stealing and erasure, and im supposed to feel proud that the deportation van has a rainbow on it. where tf is the misery fest for us motherfucking miserable black bitches who can't be bothered anymore. lol can someone in London braid my hair next week, I need the armour please DM me. will delete prolly cus u know ppl get all up in they feels.

daddy is a gender neutral term, the triptych at sunrise. pro-black always and forever, going under screaming diamanda galas style, wit a lil bit of yoko. skin soft like ginuwines voice, opera. triggered on father's day, lookin in the mirror proud, lookin at how far they've come!!

get out leave right now it's the end of you and me it's too late i can't wait for you to be gone

saying no to the binary—that shit don’t work for me//makeup: @umberghauri styling: @miamaxwelll

i am a dancer //listening to @bloodzboi